Before anything else, I’d just like to say: Screw you, Google. Really. Okay, now that I’m done being grumpy, I’ve reuploaded the tileset builder to dropbox. I also ran it through VirusTotal right before the upload. Enjoy. VirusTotal results Download link Sorry for the trouble. I honestly don’t know what happened with the file. No… Read More

The RPG Maker Tileset Builder is designed to help people arrange the tilesets that came with RPG Maker into tilesets that better suit their game. It can also take custom tileset pieces and help integrate them into completed tilesets. Features Creating/modifying RPG Maker MV tilesets Creating/modifying RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets Using RPG Maker XP… Read More

A new version of the RPG Maker Tileset Builder is out! New features include: Full support of the entire VX Ace RTP Grid displays that are not saved with the result tileset Memory of last-selected RPG Maker directory and error text if needed files aren’t found Plans for next release: Support for a list of… Read More