Hey all!

I thought I would let you know there’s a new project under way to prepare for the upcoming RPG Maker Unite! They were kind enough to release specs for characters and tilesets, and I’ve started in on them, alongside working on my tileset builder. Sometimes it’s nice to have something else for a while, you know?

Anyway, have a look here at the new specs – I think things are going to look amazing.

RPG Maker Unite’s Graphics Specs

Quite a thing, there, but it is great to know this stuff in advance. It means time for preparation!

So, while I plan on working on basically any RTP graphics I can get my hands on, with the possible exception of 2k/2k3 (these don’t upscale as well as I would like), I do plan to start with tilesets primarily. I will continue into characters, as those are important and the character directories have the animated objects, as well. Then perhaps we’ll see about other components.


Here’s a small preview of a few of the MZ tiles, upscaled for Unite! I think they look amazing, and I’m excited to get more done!