So, the website’s been given a bit of an overhaul due to some unfortunate cruft ending up on the site – probably my own darn fault. But, it’s been all cleaned up and nothing to worry about now.


In better news, I’ve created some new pixel art! This time around I’ve made a nice collection of potions in a 32×32 pixel square size. Check it out here!

If you missed my last pixel art release (which is likely because I never updated my poor neglected website), check it out over here. It’s a collection of egg sprites; useful for decoration, or a creature raising game, or a match game… whatever you want.


As for my own game work, well, that has been progressing still… just slowly. It’s been hard to keep at it around other things going on in life, so a lot of what I’ve been doing is poking at other game engines. It’s no big secret that RPG Maker isn’t exactly the most-loved… well, anything out there. So, I spent some time looking at what my options were.

I liked Game Maker the most, but I can’t imagine building an entire RPG right from nothing. It’s definitely worth looking at for 2D games, though. Check Game Maker out here.

I also looked at an interesting one called RPG Paper Maker. I expect one day that name is going to get them in trouble, but in the meantime, it’s an interesting little 3D RPG game system, not entirely unlike RPG Maker, but it seems to be aiming to be more fully-featured. Right now it’s still very much in progress (and, I think, undeserving of a 1.x version number), but it looks like it’ll be quite the thing when completed. Have a look at it here.

As for me, I still think RPG Maker is the best for what I’m trying to do, so now I just need to dig back in and get some work done. If RPG Paper Maker was more complete, I would be all over that, but for now, it’s just one to keep an eye on. I gotta keep doing my own thing.