The RPG Maker Tileset Builder is designed to help people arrange the tilesets that came with RPG Maker into tilesets that better suit their game. It can also take custom tileset pieces and help integrate them into completed tilesets.


  • Creating/modifying RPG Maker MV tilesets
  • Creating/modifying RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets
  • Using RPG Maker XP tilesets in RPG Maker VX Ace mode
  • Saving/loading tilesets in progress for editing


Known Bugs

  • May have issues running under Windows 10
  • Black background when removing tiles from a tileset loaded in that was saved without transparency



The Folder Manager is used to set up the RPG Maker folders. When selecting a folder, you need to select the base folder for that maker, and not any folders inside it. Refer to the pictures below.

The tileset builder is usable without configuring any of these folders, but you will be limited to the Custom MV and Custom VX Ace folders.


Custom Folders

The Custom MV and Custom VX Ace settings load off of custom tiles folders, found in the directory with the Tileset Builder application. Inside there is an AceRTP and MVRTP folder. Do not rename any of these folders. Each type of tileset has a subfolder in these, and graphics files of single tile blocks go in each. There are graphics provided in these folders as an example of what the system expects when these graphics are loaded in. There aren’t many, but you can use them if you wish.



From there, the program should be fairly intuitive to use – select the type of tileset you want to make, and left-click to place tiles, right click to remove them. It is important to remember that changing between MV and Ace tileset tabs will clear all tilesets.

Note: A5 and B tiles may place a large size, but right-clicking will only remove a single square.



And the part everyone loves, the download! I will leave the download link in this post, but later I plan to update the tileset builder page to reflect the new version.

RPG Maker Tileset Builder Download

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