Ack! Has it really been so long since I last posted anything? Yikes. Time sure flies…

I found myself some new tilesets to use in my dungeon runner project, Dungeons of the Lost. I’ve managed to put together and test two tilesets, and have been debating whether to continue using the older ones, or scrap them entirely in favour of the new ones. I don’t think the styles will clash too badly, if at all, so I still need to decide. Here’s an example of the new tilesets:


Ice Palace



Evil Castle



Town test with shop stalls



I’ve also been doing some code work – revamping my dungeon generation a little, and made a whole new part called the Loot Chest. When you collect treasure from chests and such, items you collect will go to the Loot Chest. There’s a menu item added to let you browse what’s in it, as if you leave the dungeon using a warp item, you will lose the items in the chest, but if you make your way back to the entrance, or collect the chest at the end of the dungeon, you’ll be rewarded with the content of the Loot Chest. On top of that, to discourage going straight for the end chest (which may actually spawn very close to the start in some cases), the quality of loot will start lower and be improved as you fill the Loot Chest. More loot means better loot in the long run, so collect everything you find!

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