Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on some basic ice cave tilesets. I haven’t got a clue if all three colours will be used, but I do like overall how they turned out. They also need some definitive light sources, but for now I’m just assuming the crystals have some strange inner glow. Who knows, right? Also, I didn’t want to make it quite as dark as the volcano areas. Seems to me, a light source in a room full of snow and ice is going to have more effect than in a room full of stone.

There’s also two different wall appearances, but the rest of each of these is the same.

IceCave1-1-1 IceCave1-1-2







IceCave2-1-1 IceCave2-1-2









IceCave1-2-1 IceCave1-2-2







IceCave2-2-1 IceCave2-2-2









IceCave1-3-1 IceCave1-3-2







IceCave2-3-1 IceCave2-3-2

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