I’m planning to have some toasty areas in my random dungeon runner Dungeons of the Lost. The basics of these areas in terms of graphics are now complete, but I anticipate additions to it in the future. As it stands, maps could be made that are decent enough, but I hope to be able to make them better.

Currently, there are two areas that will be fire element-related. Left is the basic test map, and right is a mockup of how it may look with some simple lighting.

Volcanic1-1 Volcanic1-2







Volcanic3-1 Volcanic3-2








Also, there are two areas that will be darkness element-related:

Volcanic2-1 Volcanic2-2







Volcanic4-1 Volcanic4-2








The tiles for each map are designed to be fully interchangeable, so a single map design can work with any set of tiles. This will be true for future areas as well.

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