Well, I’ve neglected this site for far too long. So long, in fact, it has an unfortunate tendency to get flagged as a dangerous website – likely due to the plethora of unapproved spam comments. Hopefully as I post more and keep on top of trashing the spam comments, this flag will be removed. At the time of this post, the site has been updated and the spam comments have all been sorted through. Now, onto more fun things…

Several months back, I started on a small project for a contest, and titled it Dungeons of the Lost. It was a great lesson on how hard it is to make a game under a deadline, while still needing time for a full-time job, as well as for family. The end result wasn’t terrible, but it also wasn’t great. I’ve decided to focus on the “not terrible” aspects, as well as to flex a little of my programming muscle and make it better. In its current state, it is a small dungeon runner type game, with a single town and semi-random dungeons. For it, I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration for the .hack game series, and it shows mostly in the dungeons.

Now, I’ve put together some code that will create a dungeon out of a series of rooms, but it still has issues that need to be resolved. For now, though, I’m working on new graphics for the dungeons. It’s slow-going, as one might expect, but as I get examples to show off, I will be posting them here. Currently, I am almost done with 4 volcano-style areas. 2 will be associated with a fire-type element, and 2 will be associated with a dark-type element.

Actual information and some map screenshots to be posted later.

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