I’ve been posting these on the RPG Maker forums, so I thought I would add them here, as well. Some things to note: all are based off of CC0 materials all are sized for default RPG Maker MV screen size free to use in whatever project you like      … Read More

Before anything else, I’d just like to say: Screw you, Google. Really. Okay, now that I’m done being grumpy, I’ve reuploaded the tileset builder to dropbox. I also ran it through VirusTotal right before the upload. Enjoy. VirusTotal results Download link Sorry for the trouble. I honestly don’t know what happened with the file. No… Read More

There was a bug in placing A2 (Ground) tiles when editing MV tilesets. This update resolves the issues. It’s late and I’m feeling lazy, so the version hasn’t changed. Sorry if this causes confusion. Download here!… Read More

The RPG Maker Tileset Builder is designed to help people arrange the tilesets that came with RPG Maker into tilesets that better suit their game. It can also take custom tileset pieces and help integrate them into completed tilesets. Features Creating/modifying RPG Maker MV tilesets Creating/modifying RPG Maker VX Ace tilesets Using RPG Maker XP… Read More

Catball Games is now on Patreon! Yay! In my introduction I outline the things I plan to work on: The tileset builder Resource pack support for the tileset builder Javascript plugin goodies for RPG Maker MV Random dungeon runner game, currently tentatively titled Dungeons of the Lost There’s a lot to be done! I hope… Read More

Ack! Has it really been so long since I last posted anything? Yikes. Time sure flies… I found myself some new tilesets to use in my dungeon runner project, Dungeons of the Lost. I’ve managed to put together and test two tilesets, and have been debating whether to continue using the older ones, or scrap… Read More

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on some basic ice cave tilesets. I haven’t got a clue if all three colours will be used, but I do like overall how they turned out. They also need some definitive light sources, but for now I’m just assuming the crystals have some strange inner glow.… Read More

I’m planning to have some toasty areas in my random dungeon runner Dungeons of the Lost. The basics of these areas in terms of graphics are now complete, but I anticipate additions to it in the future. As it stands, maps could be made that are decent enough, but I hope to be able to make… Read More

Well, I’ve neglected this site for far too long. So long, in fact, it has an unfortunate tendency to get flagged as a dangerous website – likely due to the plethora of unapproved spam comments. Hopefully as I post more and keep on top of trashing the spam comments, this flag will be removed. At… Read More