RPG Maker Tileset Builder

This version is outdated and being remade. It will likely not work under Windows10 for reasons I never did successfully determine.

What is it?

The RPG Maker Tileset Builder is a program made by me to help facilitate the creation of customized tilesets from existing tilesets for RPG Maker VX Ace. This is an ongoing project with each release currently adding additional functionality.


How does it work?

Load the program by double-clicking the RPGMakerTilesetBuilder.exe.

  • NOTE: Under no circumstances should you delete or modify the included XML files – this will break the functionality of the program.
  • NOTE: The included PNG graphics files are for the background grid – removal of these will NOT break the program, but you will have no grid, only a cyan box.


When the program is loaded for the first time, or if you haven’t previously chosen an RPG Maker folder, you will be notified that there are no folder configured, and that the program is defaulting to the included tiles folders.

01 - No folders notification



After this message is displayed, the tileset builder will be loaded using the default tiles folders. Enough images are included to have at least one of each type available. Note that due to the way these load, wide tiles will not have a preview version and may exceed the bounds of the display.

02 - Tileset builder with custom tiles


To load an RPG Maker folder or tileset folder, select the “Open Folder Manager…” option.

03 - Folder browser menu option


The folder manager will appear, allowing you to add or remove folders for use in the application.

04 - Folder manager

Clicking the “Add Folder” button will open the folder browsing dialog.

05 - Browsing for a folder


Multiple folders can be added to the folder manager. The first one that contains the needed files (determined by the first and last tileset image used by VX Ace) will be used when actually loading tiles from. Folders that can not be used will be ignored. You can specify either the RPG Maker folder, or the tilesets folder itself, both pictured below. When done, you can click the X or the “Close Folder Manager” button to return to the main application.

06 - Folder manager with folders



Once you have your RPG Maker folder loaded correctly, you can select a result resource pack using the “Resource Pack” dropdown. This tells the program where to source the tileset graphics from.


07 - Choose resource pack


After deciding where to source your graphics from, you can choose what type of tileset you want to make using the “Result Tileset” dropdown, and you can choose what tileset to display graphics from using the “Source Tileset” dropdown. Note that Source Tileset will be unavailable if you are using the Custom VX Ace option, as loading is done by way of folders of individual images, and not tilesets.

08 - Choose a source tileset

09 - Choose a result type



After that, simply click on your grid to place and remove tiles. Left clicking will place a tile “block” (a complete autotile, generally speaking). Right clicking will remove it. If working with an A5 for B-E tileset, right clicking will remove one square of the grid, rather than attempt to guess at what you want removed and potentially removing parts you want to keep.


Known Issues

As with most programs, especially those in development, there are issues.

  • Tiles are NOT removed beneath one being placed. Watch your transparency if just going over an existing tile. This may actually prove useful for things such as creating a table tile that already has something like a map or notebook on it.
  • Only supports RTP and custom folders.


Future Plans

  • Support for RPG Maker XP RTP
  • Support for additional tileset packs beyond the RTP.



The part everyone wants! Everything needed except for your copy of VX Ace is in the zip. Remember not to alter the XML files.

Download link: RPG Maker Tileset Builder


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